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I will always and forever be seventeen
caught within a suspended dream
innocence completely ripped away
Relive time and again this very same day
A fissure in time that only I can see
at peace with myself I'll never be
my mind shattered, splintered and totally dismembered
thoughts a loaded gun with a hair trigger
attempting to keep my head above water
until I remember I chose death before honor
no reconciliation when faced with the dead
I breathe you in with tormenting dread
as I peer into your blackened eyes
so tempted to sacrifice my own life
there is no escape from this lethal pain
I view my reflection with total disdain
self loathing not quite complete
find myself standing six feet from defeat
chemical poison has ravaged my soul
self mutilation has taken control
icy fingers gripping my heart
slowly ripping my sanity apart
maybe I do not desire to be free
So this time, don't awaken me
can't seem to exist without duality
It is my sovereign reality
so scatter my ashes into an angry sea
:iconpalleor:palleor 6 5
Mz. Hyde
You stole the darkness from my eyes
Painted there a false sunrise
You took the hatred from inside of me
With enchanting lyric my heart to deceive
You were mistaken of my unique design
For I am the snake slithering down your spine
I'm a viper who's poison, a remedy
Search out your weakness then bury my teeth
I probe and examine every nerve
Until I find exactly where it hurts
You are the cure for my disease
I will not stop til I hear you scream
There is no pleasure without pain
Retribution I've come to claim
Intoxicated by my own greed
Invigorated by constant need
You, the mechanism that brings me life
Senses heightened by your erotic cry
I am not a victim of subtle seduction
I am the shadow of darkness you never saw coming
You are predator that has now become prey
How does it feel to be afraid
I am the spider who lured you in
Trapped in the deadly web I spin
I am Mz. Hyde, scavenger of lost souls
Reclaiming lives you so selfishly stole
:iconpalleor:palleor 1 0
Beyond cemetery gates
She's starting to follow crows
Whispers accumulate in darkness
Disappearing into empty shadows
Making contact with the dead
A vexing dauntless task
Familiar voice enters the void
Broken hands remove the mask
In a vacant starving tomb
There before her stands
Skeletal diseased form
Apparition of disposable man
Deepened hollow eyes
Abruptly penetrate her being
She feels the taste of death
Long before the sting
He beckons her to come
Inside this waiting grave
Reaching out with feeble hands
To touch the empty space
Searing burning pain takes hold  
Refusing to let go
Breathes into her his torment
That only the dying know
She cries out in borrowed pain
As the light within ignites
Lending for a moment
The eyes of condemned sight
She now walks among the dead
A silenced world of decay
Where thirst is never quenched
As we slowly waste away
:iconpalleor:palleor 5 11
This empty room appears vacant
Traces of life, only shadows carved on wood floors
So many casualties from this futile fatal war
The war that never ends
Flowers left to rot in vases
Once held a tribute to life
Now quietly left to wither in an endless starless night
Without any thought or remembrance
Wooden slats carelessly pushed aside
Dirt tunnels, a catacomb beneath
Sour pungent odor, in death one tends to wreak
A need to search for life
Crawling, eating stagnant dirt
The sound of a baby's cry sends echoes through my skin
Vaguely seem to remember, this is where I live
How can I live
Worms fall from hollow eye sockets
I can't see because I'm blind
Skeletal remains, all that's left of my life
Why did I die
Death comes to those who wait
Buried beneath life's sorrows
Yesterday stole my tomorrows
I can no longer wait
:iconpalleor:palleor 7 8
'Tis night I seek in sorrow,only there I came to borrow
Distant tombs from lost tomorrow's that came floating to my door
My mind a distant harbor Dreaming dreams I dare not charter
Here alone within my parlor, do I dare open bolted doors
Seeing all my evermore's
Will my loneliness be unbroken as I offer a fragile token
Lend my sight for doors to open, do I dare to take a fall
Am I awake or only dreaming, Casting shadows of dauntless scheming
Taunting my eyes into seeing, what lies beyond locked doors
Will I regret my evermore's
What tempest brought this inward, was it angel, beast or demon lured
Suspecting treason of dark suitor, who attempts to unlock doors
Do I war against lost fate, my memory so empty and vague
What lies beyond these locked gates, should open of their own accord
They are all my evermore's
Can I allude dark suitor, who holds the keys of an unknown future
I cannot risk to venture, beyond these bolted doors
In time these locks will free me, until then I'm content in dr
:iconpalleor:palleor 5 14
Mature content
Vermillion :iconpalleor:palleor 11 12
The Beast
Paranoid dementia courses through my brain
I can subdue the beast but the beast I'll never tame
Out of the darkness icy fingers rake across my spine
Leaves me chomping at the bits, a fear that's so sublime
Claustrophobic atmosphere, chained in a barbed wire cage
A need to learn my limitations, to avoid this empty space
Most valued possession within my grip, is the numbing altering phase
Shut my eyes to a black tooth grin, dark passenger has no face
Wakening from a fitful sleep, there's blood upon my hands
Hind sight should be 20/20, but I can't remember who I am
Hide behind this broken mirror, I wear a tainted mask
Don't dare to see my image, It will surely reflect my past
Pieces of my memory, Like a bullet through the brain
Could this beast somehow be me, or just a beast I could not tame
:iconpalleor:palleor 6 6
The Watcher
Perched upon a pillar high
Majestic specimen caught within my eye
Creature of the kingdom sky
Just outside of my front door
Who's beauty I adore
He peers at me through fiery glare
Creature divine so valiant and rare
I'm captured within a dark eye stare
Of this watcher at my door
Protector outside my front door
With talons sharp as razor knife
Bold and keen instinctive eye
Wings of strength to defend in flight
His quest I now implore
As I watch from my front door
With passive countenance he turns away
Leaps into flight with sudden haste
With deafening screech he then invades
Upon the earth's vast floor
The enemy is no more
In awe I spy this saintly bird
Chilling silence is all that's heard
Resuming post upon high perch
Guarding his domain once more
The Watcher outside my front door
:iconpalleor:palleor 12 10
The Shore
Lo the sun a scarlet haze
dipping down and then cascades
upon the rocks and crevice cave
of a daunting sleeping shore
your spirit I implore
My love was lured and swept away
upon a tide in terrible haste
my salty tears find there escape
upon this pallid shore
where I will walk once more
Twas ill angels of a temptress kind
dark legions who are set on high
glared at him through narrow eye
taunting him to this shore
craving his soul and nothing more
Forbidden fruit my love consumed
which led him to an early tomb
dark shadows who evoked his doom
left drowning on a shallow shore
lifeless on a vacant shore
My love is counted among the condemned
those in ruin who's fate was grim
never this ocean to caress them again
he's buried within this shore
Where I will walk no more
:iconpalleor:palleor 7 11


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lynn duggar
United States
Ive been writing poetry since I was 14 years old.I really like the poetry Ive read on this site.Honestly the best Ive ever read.I would like some feedback on my own poetry.The poems Ive read here are inspiring new thoughts of my own which is always refreshing.

Current Residence: Florida
Favourite genre of music: rock
Favourite photographer: Steven Swenson
Favourite style of art: poetry photography digital art
Operating System: windows XP
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Skin of choice: n/a
Favourite cartoon character: Daffy Duck
Personal Quote: Live and let Live
It's been a while since I've written any poetry. Major writers block but I've finally got one going so hopefully I can get it together soon.
  • Listening to: Every thing
  • Reading: The Hunger Games
  • Watching: CSI Miami
  • Playing: with my kids and grandkids
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: lots of coffee


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